We are a physical theatre company making highly visual, inclusive theatre that packs a gentle punch. We'll make you laugh, we'll make you cry, sometimes at the same time.

All our work is created to be accessible to d/Deaf & hearing audiences in a shared experience.


Hot Coals Theatre is formed of core members Clare-Louise English and Jo Sargeant. We met whilst studying together on the first ever year of the MA Theatre Lab course at RADA.

We, Hot Coals Theatre, believe in theatre, we believe in the power of theatre to change the world, but we believe we can do it with a lightness of touch and with laughter: laugh at us, to laugh at life. 


We are a clown, mask and physical theatre company who takes inspiration from the likes of Charlie Chaplin. His sensitivity and detailed work is something we try to emulate and his belief in tackling hard-hitting issues with the lightest of touch sits right at the core of our work

We at Hot Coals Theatre believe gentleness breeds openness and only through openness can you really move your audience from laughter to tears. So, come and warm yourself by our fire, let us take you softly by the hand and lead you into our world, it’s familiar but some how strange.

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