Hot Coals Theatre are inviting submissions for their new film project Talking Bodies. A response to Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads series we are looking for new and original stories to tell.

Are you d/Deaf or disabled with a funny/dark/shocking story to tell? 

Send it to us!


The Idea

To create a series of 4 - 6 new monologues in response to Alan Bennett’s classic series Talking Heads. To match each monologue with an exciting director and actor and film them for release on online platforms. 


The Details

We are looking for monologues of between 10 and 20 mins.

Stories should blend humour with darkness and be based on real life experiences. We are particularly looking to bring this series up to date by including the stories of those often side lined by society: the Deaf and disabled and/or neuro-diverse. We would also like to encourage d/Deaf and disabled artists of Black, Asian and other ethnicities to submit their stories.


Do you have a lockdown experience you want to share? What’s your Me Too story? Or tell us about your experience with the PIP system! Characters can communicate in English, BSL, SSE or a mixture.

You don’t have to be a Deaf or disabled writer but we are particularly interested in these stories.


Got a story to tell but don’t consider yourself a writer?

No problem, tell us about your story and we may be able to partner you up with a writer.


The Money

Chosen writers and story tellers will be paid a flat fee for their monologue of between £300 (three hundred) and £600 (six hundred). Sorry we can’t be specific yet, exact fee will depend on what funding we secure.


How to apply

Please send either:

A) your finished monologue


B) an outline of your story, confirming if you’d be happy to work with a writer on it.


You can send your work in written English or BSL video.

Please send accompanying email telling us about yourself and CV if you have one. 

Using subject line ‘Talking Bodies submission’.


Email to: Hot Coals Theatre:

Deadline: As soon as you’re ready or by Monday 20th July.


Please note we are not taking submissions for actors yet.

Like the Sound of this Project?
Want to help us make it happen?
We are currently looking for support and financial backing, so please drop us a line!
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