Past Projects

Finders Keepers - July 2015-March 2018


Devised and Performed by Hot Coals Theatre


Tick Tock, Tick Tock, everyone dance to the sound of Pharaoh's junkyard clock!


Hot Coals are back with a fun filled, touching piece inspired by the story of Moses, in the form of music and comical happenings in a highly visual piece with no dialogue, this show is accessible to both deaf and hearing audiences in a shared experience.


Two endearing and quirky characters living on a dump on the fringes of society have their lives turned upside down. The discovery of a tiny baby hidden amongst the rubble catches them by surprise. But where did it come from? Does it come with a manual? And is it a gift from above or did it get washed down the river?


Join these colourfu idiots and step into the strange and murky world of Mr Pharaoh and his daughter as they grapple with their new routine.


"...charming piece of physical comedy...a heart warming double act..." Broadway Baby


"Hot Coals have found the perfect balance between humour, sadness and sincerity in this heart warming show." Three Weeks


A gem; its warm, touching and highly enjoyable." A Younger Theatre


Find our 'Finders Keepers' Trailer here:


Storm in a Teacup - February 2014 - September 2015


Devised and Performed by Hot Coals Theatre


In an old, old house, there's an old, old staircase and up that old, old staircase, there's an old, old room, and in that old, old room are three old, OLD sisters. This darkly comic and cartoon-like piece is a window into the quirky and tender world of three sisters as they fight the system to keep their independence. In an old room where 'eighty-something' year old; Olga, Masha and Irina reside, words have lost their place and physical comedy, walking sticks and false teeth come to life. No previous experience of Checkhov required!


This production has no dialogue and shares its story through beautifully choreographed set pieces to music, physical comedy, clowning, physical theatre and larger than life characters. Storm in a Teacup is a fun and touching journey through afternoon tea rituals, birthday cakes and chamber pots.


Find our 'Storm in a Teacup' Trailer here:


Amnesty International - June 2014


In June 2014 Hot Coals participated in the Global Summat to end sexual violence in Conflict at the Excel for Amnesty International performering a rehearsed reading of 'Even if we Loose our Lives', first hand accounts from Afghan women and human rights defenders, scripted by Christine Bacon.

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