Launching 16th July 2020


Written by

Jo Sargeant & Clare-Louise English

Directed by

Clare-Louise English

Christopher: Robin Paley Yorke

Clive: William Grint

Pilot: Brian Duffy

Dorothy: Jo Sargeant

Deaf Dramaturge: Stephen Collins


Director of Photography: David Monteith-Hodge

Additional Filming: Teresa Garratty

Editor: Timothy Kelly

Assistant Editor: Tyler Forward

Music: Chris Drohan

Costume: Jo Sargeant

Runner: Teresa Thornber-Mann

On set Interpreter: Erin Hutching

A RADA Festival Commission

in Association with Home Manchester

Special Thanks to Arts Council England, Theatre Deli and Clive Davis

Based on the true story of Clive, who, as a young boy at the outbreak of The 2 nd World War,

contracted Meningitis and lost both his sight and his hearing.

Clive is now 15 years old and attending Goring School, having been evacuated from Margate

School for the Deaf. Clive’s father, away serving in the Navy receives a heartfelt letter from

his wife, Dorothy. As Christopher reads the letter English, BSL and Visual Vernacular

interweave to tell the shocking story of a war plane crashing to the ground meters away from

Clive’s classroom.

My Darling Christopher is an exploration as part of a larger project to create a full theatre

production entitled A New Way of Life. This wider production, which has been put on hold

due to recent lockdown measures, follows Clive’s story as he navigates life through the war

and through his sight and hearing loss, attending Deaf Schools, learning Sign Language and

learning a new way to communicate with his beloved mother, Dorothy.

The piece will use a unique theatrical language that is highly visual and inclusive, combining

spoken English, British Sign Language and Visual Vernacular.

“physical theatre at it’s very best”

A Younger Theatre 


Photo 02-07-2020, 16 30 48.png

“Using their own idiosyncratic performance style – part clowning, part physical theatre, part straight-up-storytelling – they nail it.” 

Spy in the Stalls 


Photo 02-07-2020, 16 31 34.png
Photo 02-07-2020, 16 30 07.jpg

“This is an emotionally engaging and beautifully presented story...A truly beautiful piece of theatre” 

Spy in the Stalls 


Photo 02-07-2020, 16 31 00.png

“Warm, likeable and genuine, their performances are playful, tender and deeply moving”


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