Hello everyone!

My name is Jo and I am writing this week’s blog, something I have never done before, but I’m sure it will get easier as the weeks go on!

Now I know the girls have already told you about how we came together as a company and how we have worked through up to this point. A very exciting yet slightly scary journey, but one that has now got us to that point where we feel we are on the right track, moving in the right direction.


For me, when we finished at RADA I had this nagging feeling that we needed to keep going, and not to fall into the post drama school lull that can be all consuming with the endless rejection and those constant moments of “ why won’t anyone give me a chance?”. After studying drama at Winchester University I had had a plan, go and study for my masters, now I had to create a new plan. This is when I had the idea for a specific project. Towards the end of our final term at RADA I had many discussions with Clare about starting a project as soon as possible after finishing our final show. Having always had a fascination with the body, that had only been added to by our very physical year at RADA, and having also always had a fascination with the elderly, and the way they move, I began to sketch up ideas. I myself work heavily with imagery and I often use art and sound as a starting point. Then one evening I came across a poem being shared by thousands on Facebook written by an elderly man in Australia, which had been discovered amongst his belongings, by his carers, after his death. This poem gave me the final piece of stimuli that led me to contact Clare-Louise and Margot with a word I wanted to explore: Trapped. Not wanting to impose too much on the process we found the three strands and the journey began.

Devising a project is always an exciting but scary process, but what was different this time, was that we were embarking on the project as a company, not students. We now had to think about the whole process, including the administrative elements. We began to look into fundraising very early on and explored the many different funding bodies and grants that we could apply for. We looked into the obvious routes such as the Arts Council and also explored other avenues like Sky Arts and crowd funding. It was not surprising then to find out that all these applications require many hours of work, budgeting and discussion. It is a very intimidating, but necessary process. What did come out of all these hours of work was that we discovered that there are many wonderful people out there wiling to help. We arranged meetings, and we found some amazing support and we now have a great selection of mentors to help us through the process.


After having looked through the applications we then decided to take some time to develop the show a little so that we could get to the point where we were really clear in our own minds, where we heading. We needed a clearer view of content of our show so that we were able to really demonstrate to possible investors what we are all about. Now after the success of our R&D presentation we are able to return to the fundraising process to get our show up and running. We have completed Arts council applications and we will be launching a Crowd Funding page within the next week or this space!


Thank you again for your support, I’m not sure what next week’s entry will unveil but I can say we have an exciting meeting coming up and after a couple of weeks filling out applications and getting a lot of paper work filled out and emails sent out, its back to the part we all love best! CREATING!

Till next time

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