As very proud Patron of Hot Coals Theatre I write this blog casting my thoughts into the big wide world of creating inclusive theatre.  

Both Clare-Louise and Jo are committed to this, which made it easy for me to be included as a deaf practitioner into their work.  


Inclusive theatre means creating work that not only includes D/deaf/disabled audiences but the performers too. Hot Coals focus on making their work visual so D/deaf people can enjoy their work on an equal par to the hearing people watching their plays.  This is not just how the story and dialogue is portrayed but how the world within the story is conveyed, e.g. a police siren blaring past is shown by a blue flashing light on set, or a baby crying has a rope of lights blinking away.  These are very simple but effective measures taken so all audiences can enjoy every performance and not just a selected performance which deaf people have to arrange their lives around in booking tickets.


Access doesn't just have to be clinically functional, it can be creative, humorous and designed to fit in with the set from the start.

Over the past 30 odd years of working in theatre I am pleased to see that Access is no longer a tick in the box or a dirty word, it is rising to a challenge to being creatively inclusive which adds layers to the performance rather than taking away.  
Please do come see Clare-Louise and Jo in action with their creative take on Access in a delightful performance of 'Finders Keepers' suitable for all the family D/deaf or hearing any day during the run at The Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, North London. It runs 4th to 29th April, we hope to see you there!
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